Learning Management. It's what we do.

CascadeLMS is your comprehensive, open source, Ruby on Rails based learning management system. Everything you need to run a course is here, and it easily scales from a single course to an entire school. Keep reading for details.

Social Networking. Because education is social.

CascadeLMS is social. Students can A+ (similar to +1 on Google+ or 'Like' on Facebook) and comment on course comment. Similar to twitter, students may follow on another. And individuals can post updates to their followers or classmates.

Assignments, Quizzes, Grading. A+, all the way.

CascadeLMS supports just what you'd expect from online assignments and then some. As an instructor, set up your assignments in advance and they'll auto publish when the start data arrives. Want to give one or more students an extension on turning in their work? Done. Online quizzes and surveys? We have that. Tie all of this together with outcomes based assessment, a full rubric editor, and gradebook... You're all set

For the computer science crowd out there, we've got some extra fun for you. Automatic execution of student programs, and the ability to comment on student source code right in the browser.

Documents, Podcasts, Links. Your content, your way.

Upload all of your course documents, share links to any side and automatically publish podcasts to students. Standard document management, and then just a little more. CascadeLMS is ready to run your inverted classroom style course.

Forums. Discus.

Discussion forums provide a nice way to group and contain discussions to a particular topic. Email alerts, graphical post reports for the instructor, it's all there for you.

Wiki. Minus the -pedia.

Course wiki's are a great way to have all the students in a course build up a base of knowledge collaboratively. Sounds great? That's why we included this.

Project Teams. Go team!

If you're running a course where some or all of the work is in team, go define project teams. Teams have a private wiki and document storage, so that they can work on assignments through CascadeLMS. You can even give slightly different assignments to teams, and they'll never know the difference.

Auditing. Get accredited.

While we can't offer your program accreditation or guarantee that using CascadeLMS will earn you accreditation, we do believe that gathering all the artifacts needed should be easy. Using CascadeLMS for all of your course activity makes this easier.